Almond Saviour almond oil for hair
Natural Almond Saviour (Badam) Hair Oil (100 gm) – For Damaged Hair & Reduces Hair Loss – Contains Sweet Almond Lavender, Rosemary Oil

Natural Almond Saviour (Badam) Hair Oil (100 gm) – For Damaged Hair & Reduces Hair Loss – Contains Sweet Almond Lavender, Rosemary Oil


Give your hair the power dose of nourishment. Make it healthy, soft, silky, and shiny -Buy Sweet Almond saviour Oil For Hair by Misara.
✨ Suits all types of hair.
✨ Restores natural PH levels.
✨ Cleanse & soothes the scalp & hair.
✨ Ideal for meditation and aromatherapy.
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  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Suitable for all skin types
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Make your hair strong from the roots: Buy Misara’s All Rounder Sweet Almond Saviour Oil For Hair

Almond saviour oil for hair contains ingredients that are great for your hair & scalp- such as magnesium, Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, and phospholipids. Applying badam oil blended with other oils like bay, sage, thyme, and more helps repair and boost the well-being of your hair. It is the best nourishment punch to treat hair damage and hair loss.

The blend helps in stimulating hair growth by providing nourishment like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium and improving blood flow. A few drops of this oil also add shine to your hair. We choose organic almond oil from ethical sources to give your hair the best nutrition.

Specifications & Uses Of Original Almond saviour oil By Misara

Soothing massage oil: Virgin and unrefined sweet Almond saviour oil is a great hair massage oil. Also, it is odourless and non-irritating, making it perfect for an overnight hair care regime. Also Misara’s Pure Cold Pressed Sweet Almond saviour oil is a great carrier oil for essential oils- rosemary and lavender. It is fragrance-free and can be used for both moisturization and aromatherapy.

100% Pure Almond oil for hair:

With high antioxidants, essential fatty acids, vitamins A, B, D, and E, Misara’s 100% Pure & Fresh Sweet Almond saviour oil is a perfect choice for daily usage. You can purchase with complete peace of mind, as we are confident that this Cold Pressed Sweet Almond saviour oil is 100% Pure.

Natural Hair treatment:

Made from the freshest and best almond oil and packaged carefully to preserve their natural essence and invigorating goodness. Buy Sweet Almond saviour oil for hair by Misara, It replenishes the lost lustre of your hair and reduces breakage, split ends, itchy scalp, and dry roots. It is light and easy to absorb, making it an excellent choice for deep conditioning.

About the badam oil benefits for hair

Suits all types of hair:  Buy Sweet Almond saviour oil for hair ! It is perfect for everyone, thanks to its chemical-free production!

Cold-pressed oil: Buy Sweet Almond saviour oil for hair, it is cold-pressed without heat or chemicals like hexane.

Made In India: Misara’s products are made with Ayurvedic and aromatherapy expertise, in true Indian tradition. We follow the highest industry standards and take utmost care and perfection for production. Using the best natural ingredients, we ensure that your hair receives natural, organic care. Our products are organic and not tested on animals.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties: Buy Misara’s Sweet Almond saviour oil, it is packed with fatty acids, minerals, fibres, and antioxidants. The Oil also has antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties that are extremely beneficial to hair health.


Benefits of almond oil for hair: Various uses of badam oil for hair

Almond saviour oil has several uses, but it is most commonly preferred for hair. It rejuvenates and maintains a healthier and softer hair & scalp. It also nourishes the scalp and maintains healthy hair.

Soothe flaking and itching of the scalp

Hair health problems are most often caused by dead cells building up in the scalp. This buildup not only leads to flaking, itching, and dandruff but also inhibits hair growth. One of the best uses of almond oil for hair.

Almond oil is extremely hydrating and nourishing, as we mentioned before. By massaging your scalp with almond oil, dead skin cells loosen their grip and can be easily washed off. This also helps prevent and treat dry scalp conditions such as seborrheic dermatitis and scalp psoriasis.

Massaging original Almond oil into your scalp and letting it sit for an hour before taking a bath can soften and remove dead skin cells from your scalp. You can even leave it on overnight. Almond hair oil Smoothes hair cuticles, adds lustre, & treats itchy scalps. Also, reducing breakage and hair loss are just some of the best benefits Almond saviour oil provides to the hair and scalp.

Almond Oil For hair growth

Biotin, also known as Vitamin H, is the most important nutrient for hair growth. It is a derivative of Vitamin B prescribed to patients suffering from hair loss.

There is evidence that lavender essential oil for hair can increase hair growth and prevent thinning. A healthy dose of Biotin can be provided to your hair by massaging Misara’s almond saviour oil into your hair.

Softens and conditions the hair

Buy sweet Almond oil for hair, it will soften your hair, making it easier to comb. If you have trouble combing your hair because it gets tangled in knots, regular massages with it will help.

By filling in the cellular gaps in your hair, almond oil improves the overall texture of your hair and makes it more resilient. With improved texture and resilience, your hair is less prone to damage. Also You can avail lavender oil benefits for hair with our product.

Strengthens and repairs hair

Our hair is less likely to get damage with almond oil because of its lubricating properties. Fatty acids like oleic acid and linoleic acid improve the hair’s resilience. On the other hand, Vitamin E in the oil is an antioxidant that prevents hair from becoming damaged by environmental stress. For healthier and younger hair, massage it regularly.

In Ayurveda, almond oil has unique energetics known as Madhur (sweet), ushna (hot), and Snigdha (oily). Because of these energetics, almond oil makes a great massage oil for hair. Buy sweet almond saviour oil for hair by Misara Today, & have fun-time with your healthier hair.

Additional benefits to buying organic sweet Almond saviour oil for hair

The purest and freshest sweet Almond saviour oil available, distilled from the ripest & tastiest Sweet Almonds and packaged with care so its natural essence and invigorating goodness can be preserved. Its high Vitamin E content prevents fine lines and keeps your hair & scalp smooth, soft, and healthy.

Additionally, it protects the hair from UV rays and gives it lustre. This treatment replenishes your hair’s lost lustre. And reduces breakage, split-ends, itchy scalps, and dry roots with the natural goodness of sweet Almond saviour oil. In addition to being lightweight and easily absorbed, it is a reliable product for deep conditioning. Give your hair the power dose of nourishment, making them healthy, soft, silky, and shiny. Buy Misara’s Sweet Almond saviour Oil For Hair, it has lavender oil for hair which is perfect for smoothening.

Additional information


15.24 x 15.24 x 8.2 cm


100 ml

Product Info

For external use only. When using the product, do not apply too close to the eyes. Store in a cool and dry place


Prunus amygdalus dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Tocopherol, Cedrus atlantica (Cedarwood) Bark Oil, Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Oil, Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender) Flower Oil, Thymus vulgaris (Thyme) Oil, Salvia officinalis (Sage) Oil, Pimenta acris (Bay) Leaf Oil, Eugenol, Linalool, Limonene, Geraniol

Directions of Use

Pump the oil directly onto your scalp and massage it in. Leave it on for minimum an hour for optimum results. Rinse it off later after shampoo. Repeat the procedure at least twice a week for two months for best results.


Is it non-comedogenic?

The organic sweet Almond saviour oil is non-comedogenic. It is recommend to apply it to clean hair, and keep it for at least 2 hours for best results.

Give your hair the power dose of Natural nourishment, making them healthy, soft, silky, and shiny Buy Sweet Almond saviour oil online For Hair from Misara.

Is sweet Almond saviour oil good for hair?

So Whenever the question arises- is almond oil good for hair?

Answer will always be a YES! In addition to hydrating your hair, Sweet Almond saviour oil also prevents drying, flaking, and scalp tightness. All without making your hair roots look limp and greasy. It delivers intense moisture that helps prevent drying, flaking, and scalp tightness.

Adding the practice of applying Almond saviour oil on hair can help you retain your hair at its best.

How long should one leave Almond saviour oil in their hair?

It could be tempting to let your Almond saviour oil hair marinate for hours while you binge-watch Netflix, let it sit on your hair for more than a couple of hours.

Give your hair the power dose of natural nourishment, making them healthy, soft, silky, and shiny. Misara offers purest & best Almond oil for hair, buy our sweet Almond saviour oil today.

Is Almond saviour oil good for Hair growth?

The saturated fats in Almond saviour oil conditions the scalp and help promote hair growth. If you suffer from hair loss, Almond saviour oil can help reduce the hair you lose daily and promote new hair growth.

Buy the best Almond saviour oil in India from Misara. Our Pure Cold Pressed Sweet Almond saviour oil is versatile. You can stress free as it is genuine, pure, natural, and free from hexane. In addition, it contains no added ingredients and has an easy-to-use dropper cap applicator for an easier application process.

Is it ok to leave Almond saviour oil in your hair overnight?

Yes, You can massage the oil into your scalp properly and let it sit overnight.

Power up your hair with natural nourishment by applying Almond saviour oil for long hair, making them healthy, soft, silky, and shiny- Buy Misara’s Sweet Almond saviour oil For Hair for the best results.

3 reviews for Natural Almond Saviour (Badam) Hair Oil (100 gm) – For Damaged Hair & Reduces Hair Loss – Contains Sweet Almond Lavender, Rosemary Oil

    The price justifies the utility of the product. I can actually see a difference in the nutrition of my hair. Its been 4 months since I am using this product. I am so hooked onto it, can't do without it.
    Almond oil is really nice. My hair looks so much healthier.
    Good results. Delivers what the product is promising. My hair have never been more healthy before.
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