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Shea-Rose’s Magic for Lip Care this Winter!

‘Cracked, chapped, and dry lips’, these terms don’t only make you upset but also makes you low on self-confidence. A major issue with these things is that you can cover everything but not your lips. Your lips are a focus of attention. They enhance your beauty. Then why not make them look great? Don’t worry we do have the answer to it, our Misara’s Shea Rose lip balm.

Shea Rose Lip Balm, as the name suggests, Rose oil is one of the main ingredients in this lip balm. It is known for its property of moisturizing lips and also enhancing the appearance in a more youthful way. The rose oil not only absorbs quickly but also softens the lips making them luscious and kissable. It helps in rebuilding the great texture. Additionally, it has a really sweet and soothing aroma.

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One of the next awesome addition in this lip balm, Shea butter, is a popular and loved-by-all ingredient. This butter is rich in fatty acids and antioxidants which benefits to make your lips supple. It also helps in cell regeneration. The presence of Vitamin A and Vitamin E in this butter helps in protecting your lips from UV rays, pollution, and other damages to avoid discoloration and to achieve beautiful and flattering lips. Its anti-inflammatory nature helps to prevent and heals chapped and parched lips. This lip balm will aid to retain your lips’s natural color. Shea butter makes the surface of your lips shine and look silky smooth. The cherry on the cake? The natural fragrance of the butter combined with the goodness of rose oils is not only pleasant but also uplifts your mood instantly.

Our Rose lip balm cannot be complete without mentioning the almond oil in it. The property of rejuvenating the dead cells makes almond oil one of the most important ingredients in our rose lip balm. The properties of almond oil of locking nourishment in your lips makes your lips look soft and plump. It helps the lips to stay hydrated. Almond oil is also light in nature which makes it easily absorbable by the lips. As opposed to making them suffocate, this lip balm will help your lips breathe while utilizing the rich benefits of almond oil. They will make your lips look shiny and also create a barrier to lock its shiny look without any damage.

To conclude, this trio combination of Rose, Shea butter, and Almond is all you need this winter. However, you will not know unless you try our lip balms once.

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