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Lip Care For Soft And Dewy Lips

We all desire soft and dewy lips. They do complement our appearance but are also a sign of healthy lips. Chapped, discolored, and pigmented lips are a concern for many, but a few simple steps and you can easily make them soft.

Want to have naturally soft lips? The good news is that a few home remedies will get you these soft dewy lips, keep reading to know-how!

How to make your lips naturally soft?

1. Scrub

Scrub your lips by mixing one spoon of almond or coconut oil with one spoon of sugar. Gently scrub your sensitive lips. The sugar scrub will help remove all the dead skin while the oil will keep your lips moisturized.

2. Moisturise

Keeping your lips moisturized will surely keep them healthy always. Using butter-based lip balms will help to lock in that moisture and will prevent the drying of your lips. You can also use aloe vera gel to moisturize the lips. Aloe vera has soothing and healing properties, helping your lips to look their best.

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3. Reapply

If you have a habit of biting your lips, this is a good system to follow. Reapply the lip balm every two hours. Your saliva will sap the moisture on your lips. A protective layer of organic and natural lip will keep it healthy at all times. It will also keep your sensitive lips protected from the environmental factors along with your saliva!

4. Make sure to use the right product

Your lip balms should contain organic butter like shea and cocoa to soften your lips. Having almond oil, castor oil, and olive oil in your lip balms will provide your lips nutrition and make them plumper. Also, using coconut oil will help keep lips supple and moist.

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5. Vitamin E & Essential Oils

When you buy a lip balm, make sure they have essential oils and Vitamin E as ingredients. They contain natural emollients that keep your lips soft and protected. Vitamin E helps to regenerate skin cells, boost circulation, and prevent those fine lines on your healthy lips. Our Misara’s Tutifruitti lip balm has a citrusy touch of grapefruit. It will keep discoloration at bay and make your lips look brighter!

6. Hydrate

Unlike the rest of your skin, lips do not have oil glands on their surface. Therefore, they tend to dry out and become chapped easily. Drinking loads of water (minimum 8-9 glasses) is the only fast solution, even if you are super-active. Also, avoid licking your lips, it saps moisture. Drinking water will also help to keep your soft lips healthy.

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7. Kick Bad Habits

Avoid any product with chemicals and toxins, especially those long-lasting lipsticks. Instead, try to opt for organic and natural ingredient alternatives. In the end, always remove make-up before crashing on bed. Apply natural ingredient lip balm to moisturize your dry and tired lips before sleeping. Using chemical-based lip balms can cause the darkening of your lips and eventually crack them. Lastly, do not smoke! Smoking is the number one reason for the darkening of your lips. While smoking, you are putting your skin at risk to age prematurely. It will show wrinkles and fine lines around your lips, making them look dull.

8. Eat Healthy

If your lips are healthy, it means that your body and mind are in balance. However, healthy lips don’t just happen. Along with the right product, eating right is also extremely necessary. Eating tomatoes in its raw form in a salad will help protect lips from sun damage since tomatoes are high in selenium. Eating walnuts will boost the production of collagen thereby replacing old dead skin cells with new ones. Rich in protein, Yoghurt will help prevent discoloration of lips. Similarly, including food like berries, lemon, watermelon, beetroot, honey, and green tea are beneficial for healthy nourished lips.

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It is possible to have soft, smooth, dewy lips. However, maintaining them is difficult. Just a few right products with the right ingredients, antioxidant rich foods, stay hydrated, and voila! Say hi to healthy lips with Misara.

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