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Haircare do’s and don’ts

Don’t we want our hair like Rapunzel?

Long, luscious, and strong! Your hair is your crown! However, your hair scalp is often ignored and taken for granted.

The majority of us dream of it but our current busy and stressful lifestyle doesn’t allow us to! Lusciously strong hair is a reflection of your scalp health.

But what if we tell you that a slight change in your hair routine can do wonders! Often the simple things are the best that you can do. You don’t have to necessarily buy new hair products, the ones at home can also be an answer to your hair problems.

So here are some hair care tips which we swear by!

1.Oiling your hair

Remember how your Grandma was right about this! Making a habit to oil your hair before every wash will work wonders for your scalp health.

You can use Coconut oil, Castor oil, Argan oil, or Almond oil. They prevent the hair from being frizzy and promote more hair growth.

Locally available and affordable Coconut oil will ease that dandruff, repair your split-ends, and boost hair growth. Rich in Vitamin-E, Argan oil is a perfect moisturizer for dry and frizzy hair. Conditioning hair with olive oil and massaging it on scalp help to protect your hair from oxidative damage. One should choose an oil-based on their need and hair type, massage it well on the scalp for optimum results.

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2.Eat right

A major part of hair care is dependent on what food we eat. Making the diet protein rich gives a substantial increase in hair growth. A bowl of sprouts or maybe dal can work. Dal consists of nutrients like iron, biotin, zinc, which are essential for hair growth. Iron is abundantly found in also Green leafy vegetables that help control hair loss. Citrus fruits like lemon and orange are rich in Vitamin C. It helps boost collagen, essential for stimulating hair growth and strength.

3.Hair masks

You should give your hair some nature’s love by resorting to a few homemade recipes. You can use DIY Home hair masks like oats and yogurt or aloe vera and lemon before washing your hair. Apply an hour before hair wash and voila! after wash, the texture of hair improves. The probiotic properties of yogurt reduce oxidative stress on the scalp and are anti-inflammatory. It helps to reduce hair damage. Mixing the henna powder with avocado oil and water is another DIY recipe worth the try. Henna contains a lawsone that helps to enhance hair color and also improves the texture of the hair. Using Amla and Hibiscus powder hair masks help to boost the overall well-being of your hair and stimulate hair growth. They naturally help restore the texture of the hair to avoid breakage and combat split-ends.

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3. Washing Right

You should avoid using hard shampoos which contain lauryl sulfate. Also, by diluting the shampoo and applying to the scalp, the shampoo will spread evenly over the scalp and you end up using lesser shampoo. Rinsing the hair with lukewarm water is also a blessing in disguise. The warm water will help open cuticles on the scalp and allow the shampoo to penetrate deeper to remove excessive oil and dirt. After the shampoo, make a point to condition your hair. A good conditioner is also crucial when it comes to any hair type. This will make your hair shiny and knot-free. However, avoid using the conditioner on your scalp as it will make the scalp more oily than they naturally are! It is your roots that need hydration, not the scalp.

4 Hair Styling

You should avoid heat styling your hair regularly. They weaken your hair strands and make them more prone to damage. Similarly, tight hair do’s or ponytails can result in hair breakage. While going out try tying your hair or covering with a scarf or cap. This prevents the dust particles from sticking to your hair. Also, sunlight that is UV rays has said to cause damage to your hair will have a lesser impact simply by wearing a cap! Unfortunately, the heat damage can ruin the tips of your hair. However, sometimes damaged hair is too far from being repaired. In such times it best advisable to get a haircut. The brittle damaged hair tips will be the reason for your knotty hair and can cause hair breakage.

Pro tip-Braid your hair while sleeping, it helps to prevent knots in the morning.


Never forget to include fluids in your diet. We just cannot stress this enough! No matter how many shampoos you change, hydrating yourself is the best care you can offer! Drinking water, Coconut Water, or lemon water helps to keep your body hydrated. They contain electrolytes that help move nutrients to your hair follicle cells. 

Well, according to me, these are some simple yet effective hair care tips that will surely change the quality of your hair and give you thick and shiny hair. The sooner you identify the damage, the better are the chances of repairing them.

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